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West & Willow’s email marketing strategy emphasizes the relationship between pets and owners. The company's email content is heavily visual, with graphics elevating the concise copy.  West & Willow's email design solutions promote their brand and sales, resulting in higher clickthrough rates and promotional code usage. 


West & Willow aims to effectively promote their brand, engage with customers, and showcase their products through email marketing. The deliverables must be visually appealing, representative of the West & Willow Brand, and unique to their respective contexts.


West & Willow is a creative portraiture company offering custom pet portraits. Email marketing is key to the company's sale strategy, enabling them to promote their brand, engage with customers, and advertise their campaigns.

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West & Willow’s emails leverage the power of animation to boost clickthrough rates and reader retention during email campaigns. These animated elements also help to convey the key message of the email more effectively, improving the chances of conversion.

Ad Hoc

West & Willow's ad hoc emails are designed to generate excitement around time-sensitive sales. Using their primary brand colors, these short-term sale emails highlight their products and encourage customers to take advantage of limited-time savings. 

Black Friday & Christmas

The Black Friday & Christmas email campaign at West & Willow utilized festive colors to drive sales at unprecedented rates. The ad hoc emails were designed to generate excitement around limited-time savings and promoted the best deals of the year. The personalized approach, tailored to customers' interests, made the shopping experience special and engaging.


By utilizing customers' astrology signs, the Zodiac Email campaign was able to personalize the shopping experience, showcasing products that matched their personality traits. The bright and interactive emails not only highlighted the products but also provided a fun and entertaining way for customers to engage with the brand.

Spring Sale

West & Willow's Spring Sale email campaign aimed to generate excitement for the season.The use of flower imagery and bold patterns further conveyed the energy and liveliness of the season. Through this campaign, the company aimed to increase sales and engage customers with their unique design aesthetic.

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