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I’m a staunch believer in the power of passion projects. These projects, whether compelling, absurd, or restless, are playgrounds for experimentation and learning. They rest on the borders between art and design. These simple ideas and exercises keep me sharp, creative, and innovative.


I invoke a diversity of media and methods in my passion projects. Through these works, I explore typography, animation, and even textbook covers. The content from these pieces comes from within, and I have a knack for surrealism, juxtaposition, and humor. 


Passion projects are a creative outlet and laboratory for me as a designer. Through these mediums, I’m entirely focused on learning and personal development. A huge part of innovation is a willingness to fail– and the boldness to keep trying. I love learning new skills, and what better way to learn than to do?


Sketching in the margin of notebook paper made me the person I am, and my love for illustration continues to this day. Drawing allowing me to explore and create. I play with surreal imagery and ideas to discover new connections.

Animation & Kinetic Typography

Animation is as tedious as it is rewarding. It's magical to see my creations come to life, whether I’ve drawn them frame by frame or rendered them out in AfterEffects. I enjoy incorporate humor and play into my work. Often times, this helps me avoid creative blocks while learning new techniques and technologies.

Neue Retro

Aesthetically, these graphics lie somewhere between neo-brutalism and pulp-print nostalgia. In my head, I’ve lovingly named it “Neue Retro,” representing the return of old techniques aided and transformed by new technologies. In it, halftone-textures, traditionally a necessity of print, combine with an RGB, screen-only colorspace; pixelation is used as an asset; typography rules are thrown out the window.

Math for the New World Order

Math for the New World Order parodies the bizarre design decisions of middle-school era math books. I rip the obscure imagery and clashing color schemes while divorcing them from their educational context. The content of each cover reflects a contemporary world problem, such as hostile architecture. The resulting contrast is striking and thought-provoking, creating a unique visual experience that challenges design norms.

A Surprise

I’d like to break convention and thank you for exploring my portfolio this far. As a gift of goodwill, I leave you with this: a pumpkin reading “Helvetica" carved in comic sans.

Like what you see?

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