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Lee Fields is an American soul singer, and he leads Lee Fields and the Expressions. They had their first US tour since the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the tour was to remind the audience of the beauty and magic of music, encouraging them to attend.


Through motion graphics, lyric cards, and edited music videos, Lee Fields' tour was promoted on Instagram, receiving consistent engagement ranging from 200-800 likes. This resulted in increased sales, boosted streams on Apple Music and Spotify, and refined brand image for Lee Fields leading into the tour.


Content that could hype up the tour and increase ticket and merchandise sales through social media was necessary. The design solution needed to focus on reaching Lee Fields' audience directly, refining his personal brand, and boosting his streams on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.


Motion Graphics

Typographic cards and static posts featured Lee Fields' soulful lyrics and visually appealing imagery. The lyric cards and social media posts aimed to evoke emotions and draw traffic to the songs themselves.

Social Media

To promote Lee Fields' tour on Instagram, visually appealing motion graphics and video edits were created. These assets are designed to catch the attention of Lee Fields' audience, highlight tour details, and generate excitement for the upcoming events. 

Music Videos

To boost Lee Fields' streams on Apple Music and Spotify, existing music videos were carefully edited and refined for social media platforms. These videos were optimized for fast-paced consumption, considering factors such as video length, format, and visual appeal.


The edited and refined music videos were shared across social media platforms, generating engagement, saving, and ultimately driving streams on Apple Music and Spotify. These videos served as a powerful promotional tool, amplifying Lee Fields' music and increasing his online presence.

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