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In the months leading up to Consensus, countdown posts were utilized to generate excitement and establish the festival's visual style early on. Vibrant colors and gradients were juxtaposed against a sleek black background and geometric patterns to create an eye-catching aesthetic.

Animated GIF versions of the countdown were released closer to the opening of Consensus, adding dynamism and interactivity to their social media posts


Consensus is an annual web3 festival and the world's largest and most influential convention in the emerging technology industry. The conference aims to highlight and discuss emerging technologies while networking professionals and hobbyists alike. The festival requires a vast swatch of graphics to advertise, communicate, and inform its demographic about the event.


Consensus 2022 employed striking graphics to promote their web3 festival.  Consensus gained over 7,000 Twitter followers and surpassed pre-pandemic attendance records. The consistent and visually appealing graphical approach firmly established Consensus 2022 as a prominent event in the web3 festival space.


Consensus needed a heavy graphical presence to establish itself as a player within a hybrid space, reach its target demographic, and create a strong visual identity for the festival. Brand consistency was paramount across social media, email, and informational material while highlighting pertinent information such as event locations and times.


Events & Information

Informational materials were designed to visually communicate important details, such as locations in Austin, Texas, and event times, making it easy for attendees to navigate the festival.

Conference speakers, along with their titles and affiliations, were announced through engaging animations released on the Consensus 2022 Twitter account.

Animated Stickers

Animated Instagram stickers featured the Consensus 2022 and CoinDesk logos. These proved to be popular among attendees, resulting in user-generated content and increasing social media engagement.

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