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I'm Michael.

I'm a designer.

Welcome to my portfolio.

Dignity is a prospective non-profit organization dedicated to tackling the opioid crisis in Southern Appalachia via inspirational branding, practical tools, and educational materials.

01. Dignity

Branding, Package Design, Print, Web Design

West & Willow celebrates the bonds between pets and people through custom portraiture. Email marketing enables West & Willow to promote their brand, engage their customers, & showcase their products.

02. West & Willow

Email Design, Motion Design, Advertising

Lee Fields is an American soul singer with a career spanning several decades. His 2022 US Tour, the first since the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed to remind the audience of the magic of music.

03. Lee Fields

Social Media Marketing, Motion Design, Video Editing

Consensus is the world's largest and most influential convention in the the emerging technology and web3 community. The conference’s design aimed to create a strong visual presence, establish brand consistency, and communicate information to its target demographic through social media, email, and informational material.

04. Consensus

Social Media Marketing, Motion Design, Informational Design

Explore my passion projects, a place where surrealism, experimentation, and humor come together to push the boundaries of design and creativity.

05. Passion Projects

Experimental  Design, Animation, Multi-Media

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